Trainee Event Management

Lisa is determined, incredibly inquisitive and wants to implement a lot of events.


Lisa Marie Nguyen

Barista | Owner of liloucoffee

Andre is a calm, open, happy soul, who always ensures with his open manner for a quiet coffee break.

“Good things go together! I like working with the CUBE9 Group because the attention to detail ensures a successful concept at all levels.”

Andre Voigt

Copywriter & Head of Content

Always finds the right words for content and copies

“The creative work “backstage”, the creation of varied copies and the formulation of creative content for the CUBE9 Group can hardly be called work, but rather pleasure.”

Marius Fiedler

Legal support and business advice

Structured thinking, risk assessment, an eye for appropriate solutions to complex problems

“I work for the CUBE9 Group because here meets creativity – professionalism!”

Jörn Dyck

Catering- & Eventmanager

Creative, burlesque and talented in organizing and planning

“I work for the CUBE9 Group because I work with great and unique Character every event to an extraordinary experience make, develop freely and be part of something very special can. “

Tanja Leising

Service Manager

Has always guests and staff in mind!

“The varied activities, the fun at work, the always new challenges and ensuring a smooth one. Our events are the reasons for which I like to attend CUBE9 Group work. “

Sebastian Bunk

Founder | owner | administration and conception

Strong in communicating, conceptualizing, creating and implementing

“I founded the CUBE9 Group to create unique, unprecedented products
To be able to create events for my customers. I never lose that
Aim out of sight and use knowledge from all departments. “

Konstantin F. Ballek

Catering- & Eventsupervisor

Free-thinking, humorous, always in a good mood and talented in many ways

“I work for the CUBE9 Group because I have my appointment as
Can do a job and always have the feeling of working on something big
and to be allowed to participate. “

Ryan van Zingre

Logistiker und Reparateur

Fährt alles Fahrbare und repariert alles Kaputte

„Auch als „alter Hase“ fühle ich mich im jungen Team der CUBE9 Group
wertgeschätzt und gut aufgehoben und bekomme zu spüren, dass meine
Erfahrungen und Fähigkeiten wirklich bedeutungsvoll sind.“

Erhard Heinrich Hader

Illustrationen, Grafik & Video

Herzlich menschlich, verrückt, belesen und unfassbar kreativ, muss er ja, ist ja “Zeichner”

Die Events von CUBE9 sind so gelungen, dass es immer ein Fest ist, diese  filmisch abzubilden! Ausserdem gibts für meinen feinen Gaumen immer etwas zu speisen,… da sag ich nicht nein!

Andre Fritz