Lions Club

“PaddockParty” – a unique event and graphic concept, from the name to the logo, penned by the CUBE9 Group. In order to support the Lions Club Brakel and the riding club Nethegau Brakel in a four-day charity riding tournament, we developed an elaborate and unprecedented concept for an evening event, which we implemented on site in a very short time.

The somewhat different challenge here: a simple tent was to be converted into an extravagant event location in the middle of the night, since our guests used the space during the day. Until the start of the evening event, the horses galloped on the train and we walked through the location, in which we installed photo boxes and walls under eminent time pressure, built a stage for various bands and DJs, set up bars and kitchen elements and our staff and our walking acts prepared for the evening. This should be as high as expected: the air and the parquet burned, the atmosphere was fantastic and the atmosphere was gigantic.

Facts & Figures

Delivery route



1000 km

25.000 €


Concept development



6 month