What do you prefer? 

  • local mineral water
  • finest coffee specialties
  • sustainable organic juices
  • powerfull smoothies
  • regional beers
  • international delicacies
  • fine wines
  • strong spirits
  • lovely aperitivo

The spectrum of the luxury food industry, especially in the area of beverages, leaves nothing to be desired today. Since we always act in the customer’s request, we offer a wide range of products and are happy to make our recommendations. Our Argentinian wines are not regional, of course, but we also have regional products with which we like to work.

There are several ways to stand up for sustainability and environmental protection!

Saved from the bin!

We act with the Flawsome among others! Juices. For example, apple juice: Too big, too small, too crooked, too misshapen: A whopping 3.7 trillion apples end up in the trash every year worldwide. Flawsome! No longer standing idle by drinks and has been producing delicious cold-pressed juices from discarded fruits since 2018. The result is the Flawsome! sweet and sour apple juice that tastes incredibly delicious, is vegan and gluten-free.

But that’s not all. Be saved at Flawsome! Apple juice not only the apples, but also the packaging. Because the 250 ml bottle is made from 100 percent recyclable plastic. In short: thanks to Flawsome! nothing really ends up in the bin!

Produced regionally

For our “house” beer, we rely on the quality and attitude of the “QUARTIERMEISTER” team.
With every bottle of Quartermaster you support
the work of social projects, because every sip is a donation. They pour out all the profits where the beer is drunk.
By the way, consumption becomes a good deed.
The Pils for Bayern for produced in Bavaria and the beer for the north, also in the north. Of course, this results in a small fine taste difference, but the aftertaste makes it great.

Healthy | Fit | Easy |

Smoothies are welcome at congresses, trade fairs and for a quick breakfast. We will be happy to prepare these freshly for you on site and also serve in small quantities for a light workshop break.

Red Smoothie
Mango | Strawberry | Blueberry | Beetroot | Ginger | coriander

Green Smoothie
Pineapple | Mango | Spinach | Kale | Mint | cashew

Yellow Smoothie
Pineapple | Mango | Avocado | Banana | Butternut Squash | basil

Wine selection

There is usually a lot to philosophize about taste. There is a lot to discuss, especially in the wine area. We work with a wide portfolio of wines and bodegas from all continents and together we will find the perfect drop for your event.