Coffee Catering

We love our espresso!

Of course, we got together with a professional in terms of coffee, with whom we use the perfect roast and blend for your events.

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Milk is not just milk

In order to achieve the ideal enjoyment for everyone, we use 3 types of milk at all events.

  • 3,5% whole milk
  • 1,5% lactose-free milk
  • Barista oat milk

Espresso 70/30

can be enjoyed as an Americano with the portafilter, or as a Cafe Creme from the fully automatic machine due to the lighter roast. It tastes perfect in cappuccino and latte as well as an espresso with aromas of chocolate and almonds.

Quality takes time and attention

A manufactory (from lat. Manus “hand” and lat. Facere “build, do, make, manufacture”) is a kind of productive operation that exists in large parts of society today only on a small scale. For us it is the perfect expression of passion and quality. At the same time, the manufactory is also a place for us where we take the time to make our products really great.

Cafes of the big brands in the supermarket are shock roasted for only 2-5 minutes at 600-800 ° C for price reasons. However, due to the short roasting time and extreme heat, the beans cannot be roasted particularly evenly. This means that the beans are partially charred on the outside, while they are still underdeveloped on the inside.