Buffet and Live-Cooking

A look outside the box

Whether our cooks arrange your buffet on trolleys or on pallets and whether they should cook in a suit or casually in a chef’s jacket depends entirely on your ideas.

Catering means: TRUST!

Example: Business Lunch


Healthy mix of different baked goods such as:
Lye Cookies | Baguette | Black bread | Chia Bread | Chilli Bread |Curry sticks | Pepper | Pumpkin Seed Bread | Sunflower bread …

Butter & Herbs:
Lemon Butter with Sea Salt | Parsley Butter | Herb Butter |
various salts & pepper

Salad Selection
Colorful raw food mix Broccoli and Ham Salad | Beetroot and Apple Salad | Chicory with tangerines | Radish salad with chives

Main Course

Chicken Thai Curry
Coconut Cream | Cilli | vegetables
Basmati rice

Ricotta tomato tortellini
Carbonara | Ham | Parmesan


Brandenburg potato pot
Celery | Carrot | leek


Pear Helene”
chocolate | pears | cinnamon

Poppy mousse
Strawberry | Crumble

Sandwiches & Friends

Freshly prepared and hot from the contact grill!

Cream cheese | Cucumber | Bacon Jam

Philly Cheese Sandwich
Whole Grain Toast | Creme Fraiche | Herbs | Roast Beef | Honey mustard dressing | Worcestershire Sauce | Horseradish | Cheddar Cheese

California Grilled Veggie
Whole wheat toast | Mayonnaise | Lemon juice | Olive oil | Red peppers Onion | Feta cheese | Zucchini | pumpkin